Agriculture and Agro Processing

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REAVES is an Agro-allied processing company that will be involved in the local processing of 120 tons of fresh Cassava per day into 30 to 40 tons per day of industrial grade Cassava Starch and Cassava Flour.  The selection was determined by the local and international demands for these processed agro-allied products and will be focused on target markets where there are currently supply gaps due to inability to meet high demand of local and international companies.  The company’s processing facility will be located in Iseyin,Oyo State of Nigeria.

Local Farming Cooperatives engaged in growing Cassava are currently being briefed on supplying the project with Raw Materials and they stand ready to enter intolong term supply contracts.  REAVES will also be developing its own farms to compliment the Raw Materials produced by local and regional farmers as well as produce their own Cassava Stems based on high Starch content/mosaic resistant varieties to be obtained from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA).

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